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Behaviour is an essential element of financial literacy; and arguably the most important. The positive outcomes from being financially literate are driven by behaviour such as planning expenditure and building up a financial safety net; conversely, certain behaviours, such as over-using credit, can reduce financial wellbeing.

The FinKids focuses on a wide range of behaviours, with an emphasis on those that can enhance financial wellbeing.


Good good piggy is a behavioural rewards platform

doubling up as an investment channel to build good good kids

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Engaging Activities
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Financial Skill Builder
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Parent Coaching Modules
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On-going Report Card
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Pre-Programmed Activity Modules
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Integrated Range of Investment Opportunities
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Offers and Discounts

Good habit formation for your kids

Future financial security for your kids

Parent and Kid connect

Measure results real time

Rewards with convenience

Channelise Investments

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Studies reveal that most of the parents are stressed about money and two third of parents show reluctance about speaking to children about money due to their own fear that they don’t want children to worry about money. The daily grind and feelings of inadequacy blocks parents to share positive money values.

The FinKids gives a chance for parents to jump over the inhibition and treat finance not as a one-time conversation but an on-going activity with children in an imaginative, positive and creative manner. We hope to support studies that reveal that children who are encouraged to talk about money understand the responsibility and tend to do better with money when they grow up.

We support the parents to keep up with the generation gap in these changing times

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